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This is an article a bit special and different from the usual. Our site was born a bit for fun, but in a few months has become a real creature, which gives us every day a lot of satisfaction. Really a lot of people read every day our articles! Our project was born from my idea (Pavel), for a blog that contains beautiful photographs (thanks Anya! Go and see her beautiful site, full of wonderful images), interesting articles, history, but also curiosity and incredible places to visit. And of course, even volleyball. But in order not to create confusion, we decided to separate the two things, and create a second site to talk exclusively about volleyball.

We are always us. We followed the French league, the italian Superlega and the Serie A2 , this year our collaborator Ivan will be in Turkey, and Leo in Austria. We are quite international, in short! In addition, we followed (and photographed, thanks Anya!) also the European League, and (I hope) we will also be present at the world championship.

With the hope that even Random Volley is equally followed and appreciated, we wish you much fun! And thank you very much to all those who follow us and read us!