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Month: April 2019

Zaytsev to Lube after 5 years?

Zaytsev might come back to Lube Civitanova after 5 years, and it seems that his negotiations is in advanced stage. There are some evidences about a true transfer bomb in […]

#Transfers: Nicholas Hoag to Resovia

Nicholas Hoag will be back to Poland, after the Perugian interlude due the bankruptcy of the Szczecin team at the start of the season. The Canadian spiker wants more space […]

#France: top team of 2018/19 season

Setter: Miguel Tavares (Rennes) Opposite: Bram Van der Dries (Rennes) Middle-Blockers: Bathelemy Chinenyeze (Tours) – Taylor Averill (Chaumont) Wing-Spikers: Nathan Wounembaina (Tours) – Thimotee Carle (Ajaccio) Libero: Hubert Henno (Tours) […]