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Category: France

Everything about the French Ligue A, including the much appreciated photographs taken by our Anya. Danijel is the author of most of the recaps, and in the 2018/19 season he did an excellent job.

#France: Micha Maa to Poitiers

The 2018/19 French Volleyball Championship playoff quarterfinalists of Poitiers are close to assemble their roster for the next season: they gained one of the biggest world volleyball prospects at the […]

#Transfers: Adam Bartoš return to Tours!

After two years in Nice, Czech spiker Adam Bartoš will play in Tours next season. He had already played in Tours in the 2014/15 and 2015/16 seasons. 👉🏼 OFFICIAL WORLD […]

#Transfers: Four new faces for Sete!

After the signing of coach Mladen Kasic, from Nice, Sete also starts thinking about the next season and announces 4 new players. The setter Zeljko Coric, from Nice, who will […]