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Last Update: 📆 April, 16 2019 🕐 2.36pm
For tell us about rumors, hearsay and predictions from all leagues:

🏐Rafal Sobanski (🇵🇱)–Wing-Spiker–from 🇵🇱GKS Katowice to 🇵🇱MKS Będzin
🏐Taylor Sander (🇺🇸)–Spiker–from 🇧🇷Sada Cruzeiro Vôlei to 🇷🇺Dynamo Moscow
🏐Thiago Pontes Veloso (🇧🇷)–Setter–from 🇧🇷Sesc/Rio de Janeiro to 🇫🇷Rennes Volley 35
🏐Maciej Muzaj (🇵🇱)–Spiker–from 🇵🇱Trefl Gdansk to 🇷🇺Gazprom Surgut
🏐Matthew Anderson (🇺🇸)–Wing-Spiker–from 🇷🇺 Zenit Kazan to 🇮🇹 Modena Volley
🏐Rapahel Margarido (🇧🇷)–Setter–from 🇵🇱Chemik Bydgoszcz to🇵🇱Jastrzębski Węgiel
🏐Renan Da Costa Bonora (🇧🇷)–Wing-Spiker–from 🇧🇷Renata/Campinas to 🇧🇷Funvic Taubatè
🏐Mousse Gueye (🇸🇳)–Middle-Blocker–from 🇫🇷FL Saint-Quentin to 🇫🇷 Narbonne Volley
🏐Santiago Darraidou (🇦🇷)–Setter–from 🇦🇷UNTreF Vóley to 🇦🇷Ciudad Voley
🏐Jan Röling (🇩🇪)–Setter–from 🇩🇪TV Rottenburg to 🇩🇪Helios Grlizzlies Giesen
🏐Josè Ademar Santana (🇧🇷)–Wing-Spiker–from 🇧🇷Vôlei Itapetininga to 🇧🇷Sesc/Rio de Janeiro
🏐Eduardo Carisio Sobrinho (🇧🇷)–Setter–from 🇧🇷 Minas Tênis Clube to 🇧🇷Funvic/Taubatè
🏐Jeroen Oprins (🇧🇪) –Wing-Spiker– from 🇧🇪Amigos Zoersel to 🇧🇪 Lindemans Aalst
🏐Dennis Deroey (🇧🇪)–Libero– from 🇧🇪 Lindemans Aalst to 🇧🇪Knack Roeselare
🏐Tim Verstraete (🇧🇪) –Libero– from 🇧🇪 BDO Haasrode Leuven to 🇧🇪 Lindemans Aalst
🏐Hugo Hamacher da Silva (🇦🇷) –Wing-Spiker– from 🇧🇷 Maringá Vôlei to 🇧🇷 Funvic/Taubaté
🏐Deivid Costa (🇧🇷) –Middle-blocker– from 🇧🇷 Maringá Vôlei to 🇧🇷 Minas Tênis Clube
🏐Lucas Ocampo (🇦🇷) –Spiker– from 🇦🇷 Bolivar Voley to 🇧🇷 Minas Tênis Clube
🏐Jan Martinez Franchi (🇦🇷) –Wing-Spiker– from 🇦🇷 Bolivar Voley to 🇧🇷 Sesc/Rio de Janeiro
🏐Matias Sanchez (🇧🇷) –Setter– from 🇧🇷Obras San Juan to 🇧🇷Sesc/Rio de Janeiro
🏐Todor Valchev (🇧🇬) — Wing-Spiker — from 🇫🇷 Nancy Volleyball to 🇮🇹 Menghi Shoes Macerata
🏐Tyler Sanders (🇨🇦 ) — Setter — from 🇵🇱 Trefl Gdansk to 🇵🇱 MKS Będzin
🏐Marco Rizzo (🇮🇹 ) — Libero — from 🇮🇹 Vero Volley Monza to 🇮🇹 Tonno Callipo Vibo Valentia
🏐Marlon Muraguti (🇧🇷) — Setter — from 🇧🇷 Minas Tênis Clube to 🇧🇷 Sesc/Rio de Janeiro
🏐Flavio Gualberto (🇧🇷) — Middle-blocker — from 🇧🇷 Minas Tênis Clube to 🇧🇷 Sesc/Rio de Janeiro
🏐Nicolas Lazo (🇦🇷) — Wing-Spiker — from 🇧🇷 UPCN Voley Club to 🇧🇷 Minas Tênis Clube
🏐Rodrigo Rodrigues (🇧🇷) — Setter — from 🇦🇷 Maringá Vôlei to 🇧🇷 Minas Tênis Clube

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